Making Sense of This Week

See: I’m probably jumping the gun for spring clothing, but I rented this jumpsuit for a birthday party in Napa this weekend. Here’s hoping it fits, cutouts are always a bit hit or miss on me.

Hear: My college roommate used to play this song and I thought of it for some reason earlier this week and have been playing it ever since. The perfect Friday song.

Feel: My best friend sent me this this morning with the subject line, “let’s discuss.” You May Want to Marry my Husband. I will try and call her once I finish crying...

Smell: At my old yoga studio in New Orleans, the instructor would always end class by dabbing an aromatic oil on each student’s temples. I miss this so much, so I was thrilled to see my yoga studio offers an aromatherapy yoga class. I can’t wait to try it!

Taste: I hosted my annual Fat Tuesday dinner party last Saturday (I know; but as the majority of guests are at or nearing 30, Wednesday hangovers just aren’t as acceptable as when I started the tradition) complete with jambalaya, red beans & rice, dirty shrimp, cornbread, sweet potatoes, and brussel sprouts. I’ll admit, the event was catered this year, with the exception of my friend Josh’s killer jambalaya and my (deceptively simple) red beans and rice. Confession: I buy Zatarain’s from Safeway and just add bite-sized pieces of Andouille sausage. Simple, unique (at least when you live in San Francisco!), and everyone loves it.