Hello from San Francisco + blog exchange

How great are these San Francisco-themed postcards? I bought them at Park and Pond, a San Francisco gift shop where all products are produced within 100 miles of the city. It's the perfect place to go for non-kitschy SF souvenirs, and it's located right down the hill from me on Grant Street in North Beach. I sent one of these postcards to each of the people that hosted me in New York/New Jersey a couple of weeks ago -- I thought they were the perfect "sending love from San Francisco" note, especially with the little red balloon :).

Speaking of love notes, I recently did a 'blog exchange' with Julie Kesti, an artist, traveler, and bodyworker who writes about her adventures on her website. I loved living vicariously through Julie's experiences as an expat in Shanghai, and I especially loved (and subscribed to) her Friday love notes. I obviously read a lot of blogs for pleasure, but the exchange was fun because I got to view Julie's blog through a more critical (hopefully helpful) eye -- I'm excited to see what advice she has for me as I continue to grow, change, and maybe one of these days *share* Tales for Scout.